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Number Writing Activities for Kindergarten

Number Writing games, Rainbow pick and write and roll and write worksheets with a dice and pencil. 4 Differentiated math number writing centers

Number writing is a skill that requires a lot of practice and if your students are anything like mine, after a while they do not want to so I’ve rounded up a collection of differentiated games and number writing activities you can use in your classroom to not only help your students practice writing numbers but counting and number sense too! See the number writing activities in action!

What’s My Number? Play and Go Videos

What's My Number Play and Go Interactive number writing video

What’s My Number is a Play and Go video series you can see here where the students see an image on the screen for them to count. Their job is to count the items then write the number of items they saw on their white board or paper and pencil. When the answer is revealed your students can see the proper number formation and practice.

If you’d like to learn more about play and go videos you can check out this blog post!

Rainbow Pick and Write

The next game is called rainbow pick and write. To play, your students will pick a number card and write the number they picked on their recording sheet in the color that matches the number they picked. This game can be differentiated by changing the number of numbers they pick or by using direct match numerals or 10 frames so they will have to match the numeral to a value.

This game also includes various sets marked with their own shape so if the cards get mixed up they are easy to fix, especially if you have a student who thrives on being a helper! Play Rainbow Pick and Write!

Rainbow Pick and write differentiated math counting center. Rainbow numbers and 10 frames

Roll and Write

To play roll and write you students will roll a dice and write the number they roll. To start they will roll one dice only and use either a sheet with tracers or without it to trace the number they rolled. As they finish, they can move onto the recording sheet with more dice to increase the challenge. I like to tell my students that they are moving to the next level to gamify it and they are usually motivated to give it a try. You can also play this game with 10 frame dice if you have them. Get the roll and write, 10 frames, or bundle here.

Spin and Write

Spin and write is similar to roll and write, but a great option if you don’t have ten frame dice. Your students will spin a number and count it or subitize it if need be. Then they will find the number on their recording sheet and trace or write it depending on their level. They can also start with one sheet and move onto the other as they finish whether it be by using a recording sheet without tracer numbers or using larger numbers. Get Spin and Write here!

Different Ways to Practice Number Writing

I like having my students use dry erase markers when practicing number formation. A dry erase marker glides easier than a pencil which can be helpful if your students need to work on their hand strength. Kids also benefit from creating numbers in different ways like play doh, colored gel bags, sand, or wikki stix!

If you’d like to see any of those in action let me know!


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