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Education is a passion of mine, but not the passion of mine!

Welcome to my corner of the internet!  When I started teaching Kindergarten I was only teaching Math and Science. I don't know about you, but I felt my teacher prep program focused a lot on early literacy and not a lot on early number sense. I found myself searching high and low for resources and information to help me best support my students and was coming up with nothing! What I was found was either cute but not substantive, something my students did not want to do, or not appropriate for where my kids were. Over the years I have strived to create resources that were mathematically sound, engaging, low prep, that could be used again and again! I hope to share with you what I have learned to help your students become amazing young mathematicians and scientists! 

Make sure to connect with me on IG and see some lessons in action on Youtube!

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I was born in Brazil, lived in Washington DC until I was 5 then didn’t not live in the US again until college in New Jersey (circa Jersey Shore so quite a culture shock)! I lived in Kuwait, Kenya, Singapore, Guadalajara, and Mexico City and had the opportunity to visit amazing countries along the way. I am extremely grateful for my upbringing and has given me a unique perspective, a love of photography and the travel bug!


I’ve been on a health journey the past few years and have discovered a love a weightlifting of all things! I've enjoyed the time to get in the zone, have some "me" time and feel myself getting stronger! (Its especially helpful for the end of the year pack ups!)

Finding a balance is something I strive for and working smarter not harder (cliche I know!) My hope is that this blog becomes an invaluable resource for other early elementary teachers who want to make number sense make sense in a fun, hands-on, engaging way!

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