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Play and Go Videos Quick Checks and Skill Practice with early number concepts!

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

What is a Play and Go Video?

A play and go video is what it sounds like. You press play and have 5 minutes that your students are actively engaged in that activity and you can circulate and support students who may need extra support! I sometimes feel like all the kids need all of my attention at once which is impossible! Play and Go Videos are a great way to have most students working relatively independently so you can give more direct instruction to those who need it, take anecdotal notes to see who to follow up with, or see which students may need more of a challenge.

These play and go videos can be used at the beginning of your day as some quick daily guided practice, the beginning of your math block as a warm up, as an exit ticket at the end of your math block, or when (...more like if) you have a few extra minutes to spare! They are a great way to practice and support number writing and number sense daily without the same old worksheets! These Play and Go videos include a recording sheet but can just as easily be done with a whiteboard or dry erase sleeve or plain paper and pencil.

The series is expanding! The current topics are:

Quick Images 2-5

This series supports your students in learning to subitize to 5 and recognize combinations to five. This series comes with a 5 frame recording sheet for paper/pencil interactions, a 5 frame they can use manipulatives on, or they can just think of the answer in their head and engage in academic conversations with their peers about what they saw and how they saw it with a pause in the video! Check out a Full Length Example Here

What’s My Number: Counting and Number Writing

There are two versions of this series 1-5 and 1-10. The kids will see a number of objects on the screen and they will have to count how many they see and write that number down on their white board or paper. At the end they will have 2 minutes to practice writing one number and put a heart around their favorite one at the end. Full Length Example Here

What’s Missing?

In this series, the students will see a series of numbers and have to figure out what number is missing in the series. The recording sheet for this set has a picture indicator instead of a number so students know where to write down their answers or can catch up if they miss one!

Computer screen and screen shot of a video activity for finding the missing number in a series

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