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TikTok Made Me Do It! Digital planning has transformed the way I plan for the better!

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Tik Tok Made Me Do It!

Digital planning has transformed the way I plan for the better!

I never really thought digital planning was for me. I like writing things out, and a part of me will always be old-school in that way BUT, I’ve discovered a way to make digital planning work for me, specifically when planning a unit.

I’m not sure about you but I find myself required to “map out” each unit year after year and it seems like a time suck when there is so much to do! I also have not had a cohesive math curriculum to follow for years! I felt like I was looking through the same resources, making the same decisions when I would prefer to be finding new resources and planning small group instruction so something had to change!

I came across a TikTok of all things and a teacher was showing how she planned and created an amazing document with all her resources, slides, etc in one place and a saw the potential and tried it for myself and here are the benefits I saw:

No More Mapping Out the Same Unit

Now I can link my unit plan to whatever my admin needs to see and I’m not recreating the same thing year after year.

Makes Collaboration Easier

Never having to dig through my filing cabinet!

I have my time back.

By far the best thing about digital lesson planning is longevity. I create my unit plan once; hyperlink my supplemental printable materials and I will never lose anything again! If you’d like to see how I make it step by step, you can watch that here:

What's does it look like?

I don’t think I’ll ever be the perfect Instagram teacher with matching themed unit plans, I’d love to but it’s not realistic for me. When my unit plan is done it still looks pretty basic, but I’d rather spend my time making student facing materials look engaging rather than a planning document

My completed unit plan includes

1. Standards addressed during the unit

2. Weekly overviews

3. A hyperlink to my slide deck for the week

4. An overview of the math block, with the warm up, lesson topic, and the hyperlinked name of the math center or station I’m using with the black line master I need.

5. A possible morning meeting connection or group game (usually not though 🫣)

Again, you can see a completed one here:

If you’d like my template you can get that by clicking the image below or save for later!


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