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Forgotten Elementary Math Manipulatives: Inch Tiles

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

What is a forgotten elementary math manipulative?

There are some math tools I use all the time in class that the kids love! After years though, some I forget about or never use. They are just sitting there collecting dust so I've made it a point to find a way to use what is in my classroom, or its time to part ways!

I had a tub of square tiles in my room that that was the first thing I wanted to figure out how to use.

While Inch Tiles may not be as flashy as snap cubes or pattern blocks, I have found that they push the kids to be more creative than usual since they are more simple. I have seen kids try to build with them, use them like dominoes, make patterns with them and more!

Some things I use them for:

As Counters. They fit nicely into a 10 frame, and I think theres a balance to what you can use as a counter in a math game. If it’s too fun, the temptation to build and play may be too much to resist. (I give the kids A LOT of time to explore and play with materials before I use them as a math tool) Grab the Scoop and Graph Center HERE

As morning work or a soft start. You can get my 3x3 Inch tile task cards for FREE here:

For spatial reasoning in quick images. It’s fun to switch up arrangements and inch tiles are great for that since they have simple and colors, they support in grouping and seeing different combinations of numbers. I have sampler of some slides I use as a math warm up here

Here are some other resources for Inch Tiles you might enjoy!

Don't Forget to Grab your FREE 3x3 Inch Tile Mats HERE!


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