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4 Ways to Use Quick Images in Your Classroom

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Graphic that says 4 was to use quick images in your classroom

What Are Quick Images?

Quick Images is a number sense-building activity that you can do with your kindergarten or first-grade students during your math block either whole group or small group. They can be used as a warm-up, quick check, reflection, or exit ticket during your math time. The images that you use can be dot patterns, finger patterns, 5 frames 10 frames, etc in organized or random order. The goal of this activity is for students to be able to see the image and figure out how many there are quickly without counting or subitizing.

Setting Up the Number Sense Routine

Each way to use Quick Images starts the same. Tell your students that you are going to show them an image for a few seconds and then hide it so they have to be looking because it's going to be covered quickly! When they know what it is, have them put their thumb up close to their chest so you can gauge if your students need more time to think or if they are ready to share.

1. Number Talk

Once they are ready you can have a few of your students share with the class and see if others agree or disagree. You can show the same screen again so your students can check their work or change their answers. Reminded them that mistakes are ok because they make our brains grow! Alternatively, you can have your students turn and talk to each other before sharing with the class so more students have opportunities to talk.

2. Recreate the 10 Frame

Before beginning, give your students counting mats and counters. Instead of having them just subitize what they saw when you show them the image, they can build what they saw on their 10 frame. This can be done independently or in partners.

3. Exit Ticket or Quick Check

Exit Ticket or Quick Check-If you’d like a work sample to keep, you can have your students record what they see on a recording sheet to see how your students are doing with this skill.

4. Make Quick Images for other students!

  1. My students always enjoyed getting to do “teacher” things during math stations so you can give each student a 5 or 10 frame and have one put up a folder and put counters on the 10 frame then hold it up for 5 seconds and have the other group members recreate the 10 frame then switch turns

  2. Or have them create their own images you can add to your quick images that you share with the class

If you’d like to see these strategies in action check out the accompanying video and grab the 10 Frame Counting Mat and Recording Sheet Freebie!

If you’d like more Quick Image Slide Decks to use with your students you can find them in our shop or save with the Bundle.


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