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10 Ten Frame Activities and Centers For Numbers 1 - 20

Updated: Apr 5

There are actually 13 but it didn't have as nice of a ring to it!

Number Sense Routines

1. Quick Images

Quick Images is a number sense routine where you show students an image of a 5, 10, or 20 Frame in this case, quickly so they don’t have time to count and have to begin to subitize and go beyond counting by ones.

Using incomplete 10 frames is a visual way for students to start to make ten by filling the 10 frames mentally and counting the extras.

2. Say It, Build It

This can be done as a warm-up whole group or small group activity. Each student or pair is given a 10 Frame and counters. You say a number and have students build the number you said. You can jazz this up by using a number randomizer, picking a card, using a timer, etc. Look out for strategies students are using like starting from one, counting on to change a number, or removing extras. Don’t push students to one strategy or another, they will gravitate towards more efficient strategies  

10 Frame Math Centers

3. 10 Frame Pick, Build, and Cover

In Pick, Build, and Cover your students pick a numeral or 20-frame card, create that number on their 5, 10, or 20 Frame, and cover the number they made on their mat.

4. Spin and Build

Spin and Build is similar, instead of picking, you spin a number and create the matching number on your mat. This game has an optional recording sheet so students can sneak in some number writing practice in this game!

5. Halloween Spin, Count, and Cover

It may be out of season but students love a good theme! Halloween Spin, Count, and Cover is a game that will have your students counting a lot, and they won’t even realize all the practice they are getting!

To play this game, your students will spin the spinner, count how many items are on the 10 frames, and cover the number you’ve spun with a counter. If you have themed counters this would be a fun time to add them in!  You can also get it on the website store!

6. Roll a Rainbow Graph

Do your students LOVE rainbows as much as mine? If you are working on a graphing unit, but want to sneak in some number sense and counting activities while working on other skills. For this center Roll A Rainbow Graph, students roll a 5, 10, or 20 Frame dice and color in the corresponding space on their paper. The dice are color-coded so they know which color to use. 

7. Go Fish 10 Frames

A twist on a classic game, these cards have fish in the 10 frames!

8. 10 Frame Mystery Word Match

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? In these no-prep worksheets, students need to match a numeral to 10 frame value, when they draw matching lines, it runs through a letter. They then unscramble the letters to find the mystery word!

Number Writing 10 Frame Centers

9. Roll and Write or Spin and Write with 10 Frames

For both versions of this center, students will either roll or spin a 5, 10, or 20 frame and write the corresponding number. This center is great for subitizing, and number writing practice! Even though students may recognize numbers up to 20, writing them can be more challenging. Both of these centers are already differentiated to fit the needs of your students or you can bring it back when students move from 5 to 10 to 20 frames!

10. Play-Doh Mats

With these play-doh mats, your students use playdoh to create each numeral and create a matching set of playdoh circles on 10 frames

11. Wikki Stix Number Cards

Each card has a numeral and corresponding 20 frames on it. Your students can pick a card and use Wikki Stix to make the numeral. These cards can also be used for tracing with a dry-erase marker or gel bags!

12. Empty the Board

For Empty the Board, your students fill the entire board with cubes or another manipulative. Your students then roll a 5, 10, or 20 Frame Dice and remove one cube every time they roll a number.

13. Bonus! Teen Number Color By Code

These color-by-code worksheets include 10 frames as well as reknereks, base 10 blocks, and numerals. It comes with a black and white and color version for students who may not yet be reading color words.

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