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This game is a fun high paced way for kindergarten or first grade students to practice subitizing, number combinations and fluency of adding numbers to make 5 and 10. This game is best played when students have some familiarity with decomposing numbers to five and ten to be able to find number combinations quickly. This game is easy to add to your Decomposing Numbers unit as a guided math activity or math workshop station game.


What's Included

  • 5 frame cards
  • 10 frame cards
  • 0-5 Finger pattern cards
  • 0-10 Finger pattern cards
  • Black and White and Color Options
  • Tips for Prep and Play Instructions


How to Play

Option 1

  • Distribute cards evenly between the players
  • Take turns flipping over the cards, if a player sees two cards that when added together make 5 or 10, the must quickly cover the two cards and say “SNAP” and they take the pair. Ex. 2 and 8, 5 and 5 etc.
  • Continue taking turns flipping cards until there are no more cards or combinations.
  • The person with the most pairs wins!
  • Alternatively, players can have all cards face up and find pairs that way.
  • Note: cards that have been flipped stay facing up and you can use them to also make pairs with any future cards that are flipped, or by themselves.
  • 15 pages

Snap 5 and Snap 10

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