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Are you looking for a low floor-high ceiling, rich math task perfect for that will keep your students engaged in problem-solving and explaining their thinking? This task is for you! Your students will use their knowledge of counting, patterns, and mathematical reasoning to figure out what comes next in the growing pattern.


This task comes with, Google Slides to support you in presenting the task and is perfect for a Kindergarten class that has learned about patterns or a 1st grade class exploring growing patterns.


What's Included in this Rich Math Task?

1 PDF with:

  • Link to 10 Google slides
  • Task Directions
  • Examples of student work


How to use this thinking task with your students


1. Present the task with the Google Slides or verbally

2. Provide students with square-inch tiles if they would like them to support their thinking.

3. Watch your become engaged and continue without you!


This task is perfect if you are just beginning to implement the Building Thinking Classrooms Framework with Kindergarten or first grade. Even if you are unfamiliar with the Building Thinking Classrooms Framework, this task is a fantastic way to engage your students in a math task they will love with task instructions for the teacherGoogle slides visual supports!


Learn more about the Building Thinking Classrooms Framework in this video or blog post!

Rich Math Task Growing Patterns and Counting - What Comes Next?

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