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Do you need a quick assessment and data-tracking resource to support you and your students in creating counting and number sense goals and seeing their growth? This data-tracking resource is for you! Math conferencing and goal setting is a powerful tool giving your students focus and creates positive momentum with achievable, bite-sized goals!


This kindergarten counting data tracker is unlike other assessments that give you no direction or information you can’t fully use. This visual goal-setting resource will let you know exactly which skills your students have mastered and give them and you a target to work towards! Your students can color in mastered content as they go to see how much growth they are making as mathematicians. 


This data tracker comes with a student-facing visual goal sheet that touches all foundational areas of counting and number sense including; one-to-one correspondence, number writing, number identification, subitizing and rote counting.


This resource also comes with teacher-facing data tracking that is quick to fill out by circling mastered items, assessment materials such as numeral cards, dice cards, 10 frame cards, and instructions for preparation and implementation!


This kindergarten counting goal-setting resource includes:

  • Student-facing Visual goal-setting counting and number sense sheet

  • Teacher progress collection tracker for easy recording

  • Optional Assessment Materials: 5 Frame and 10 Frame, 1-20 10 frames, 1-20 Numeral Cards, 1-6 dice cards, 1-10

  • Preparation and usage instructions

  • Black and white and color versions of the student-facing sheet

  • English and Spanish Versions of student and teacher progress tracker and goal sheet


How to use this visual goal sheet and progress tracker:

  • If you are using the assessment materials, laminate for longevity, if not gather your whiteboard, marker, goal-setting sheet, and progress tracker.

  • Start at the top of the goal-setting sheet and choose an item from the first row to start with.

  • Use cards, fingers or objects, and your whiteboard to check the first number range working with numbers out of order.

  • Record the results easily by circling if your student has mastered the number or is still working on it.

  • If they have mastered all numbers in the range, let them color in their goal sheet, if not discuss what their focus numbers will be, and let them know they did great work with you can you can't wait to see the progress they make!

  • Noting their exact focus skills is great for planning, and seeing the students see their progress is great for their motivation!

  • You can also print the student-facing sheet double-sided in English and Spanish if you are going to send it home so families and see their child’s progress and goals as well!


Why Use a Math Goal-Setting Conference?

You may never have thought of doing a math conference, like a writing conference, and setting goals together with students, but the result is motivated young mathematicians who are making amazing progress!


Progress Monitoring in Math & Visual Goal Setting for Kindergarten Number Sense

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