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This bestselling low-prep game is back in a Halloween Version! This print and play differentiated counting math game using dice is perfect for your kindergarten or first-grade students to practice subitizing, dice patterns, and simple addition. With 4 levels of differentiation, this math station can be played individually or in partners or a group to see who can empty their board first!


What's Included

  • 8 pages
  • 4 Differentiated Pages for play
  • 1 Page with dice pattern images for students needing more support
  • A page for 1-6 Dice
  • A page for 1-6 plus 1-3 Dice
  • A page for 2 traditional dice
  • Color and black and white options


How to Play

  • Put a cube or other manipulative on each empty space
  • Roll the dice
  • Remove one cube from the column that matches the number rolled
  • Keep rolling until the board is emptied!


❤️ You will love how easy this game is for students to understand and how easy it is to differentiate to meet the needs of all your students!

❤️ Your students will love the themed game mats and the quick pace of this math dice game!

Kindergarten Halloween Math Center Low Prep & Differentiated - Empty the Board

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