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This math center activity is perfect for supporting kindergarten and first grade students learn to decompose numbers 3-10. This math station is great for students begin to recognize number combinations to 10 in a hands on way! To play, students gently shake and spill their double sided counters, they will need the same number for their whole sheet. They will write how many were red and yellow and continue until they finish their recording sheet. Once they have learned how to play, this station can become independent for them as they work their way though the numbers!


What's Included?

  • Recording Sheets for numbers of 3-10
  • NO PREP and low prep options that can be printed, cut in half sheets, or made into booklets that contain all numbers 3-10
  • Blank Number recording sheets
  • Numbered pages that match the amount of counters they should be using
  • Numbered pages with two numbers per page
  • Black and White and Color options for all recording sheets
  • 37 Pages Total

How Many More Decomposing Numbers 3-10

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