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Do you need homework, extra practice, or intervention that will last you all year? This resource is for you and perfect for kindergarten, rising first grade, or first grade students to support the learning they are doing at school and getting your families involved in a fun way! You prepare the materials once and you are covered with your math homework all year!


What's Included?

  • Preparation and printing Tips
  • Editable Family Note in Powerpoint and Google Slides in English and Spanish explaining the homework games and benefits of play in learning
  • Editable Family Assembly and Preparation Directions in English and Spanish
  • Core Curriculum Content Standards Alignments in English and Spanish
  • 36 Games, Directions, and Variations to increase or decrease Difficulty in English and Spanish
  • Games that can be played in the car, or on a walk with no materials needed!
  • Shape, Numeral, 10 Frame Cards for Games,
  • Black and White and Color game boards
  • Support Materials Including 120 Chart, 5, 10, 20 Frames, and Numeral tracks
  • Graphing and T Chart Sheet
  • All Family Facing Materials available in English and Spanish
  • Family Facing PDF with all games and support materials included if their items get lost or would prefer a digital copy


This resource is designed to be prepared at the beginning of they year but can also be used for math intervention, and families who would like ideas on how to support their children at home.

Homework Games for Kindergarten for the Whole Year in English and Spanish

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