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Are you looking to include a rich building thinking classrooms style math task for your classroom during the spooky season? Escaping Spiders is for you! Your students will be tasked with figuring out how many legs have escaped the haunted house!


This Building Thinking Classrooms style math performance task will have your students counting by eights, grouping sums, repeated addition, and working cooperatively and critically


In this resource, you'll get a Building Thinking Classrooms cheat sheet, written task directions, examples of student work, thin-slicing ideas,  three levels of Check Your Understanding questions in a Google Slides and PowerPoint Version


Here’s what is in this Halloween repeated addition math task: 

  • 1 Zip File with the PowerPoint Version of the task and PDF with the link to the Google Slides Version of that task
  • Task directions
  • Thin slicing for the problem
  • Check your understanding  mild, medium, and spicy recording sheets
  • BTC terms cheat sheet, 
  • Helpful links sheet
  • Hyperlinked Table of Contents


Check out thepreview for a free task!


How to use

Going through this task from start to finish can take 1-2 class periods, especially if you are giving your students ample time to support each other and move through all of the levels of difficulty.

  • Make copies of check your understanding recording sheets.
  • Introduce the task in either PowerPoint or Google Slides.
  • Give your students random partners and let them work together with whiteboards and markers to figure out how many legs escaped if 6 spiders got away.
  • Give them a choice of which Check Your Understanding activity they would like to do to reinforce and apply the strategies they worked on. 


This low-floor high ceiling skip counting by 8’s task will have your students up, collaborating, and making sense of repeated addition and its value in a meaningful way.


Your students will practice

✅ Skip Counting

✅ Grouping

✅ Repeated Addition

✅ Social skills and cooperative learning


This task is perfect if you are just beginning to implement the Building Thinking Classrooms Framework. Even if you are unfamiliar with the Building Thinking Classrooms Framework, this task is a fantastic way to engage your students in a math task they will love with detailed task instructions, Google slides visual supports and recording sheets!

Halloween Building Thinking Classrooms Task - Counting Groups Repeated Addition

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