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Are story problems a challenge for your students with some finish quickly and some needing more support? This set contains story problems for numbers 5-10 and challenge questions for early finishers to see if they can compose and decompose numbers! This resource is perfect for supporting kindergarten students show their knowledge of composing and decomposing numbers 5-10 through story problems. Each word problem contains a number of items students can color for their first solution and an optional early finisher page that contains space for students to demonstrate their knowledge of multiple number combinations.


This performance task has the correct number of items for each question so students can focus on showing their knowledge of the concept of decomposing numbers instead of keeping track of how many items they should have. Each problem also contains a start page with no items to color so students would create their own representations first then use the early finisher page to show the other number combinations they may know or can solve.


What's Included?

  • Question and recording Sheets for combinations of 5,6,7,8,9,10 and corresponding full page answer keys
  • Optional blank first page without items to color
  • Challenge Page for Early Finishers for each question where they can find multiple solutions for each number
  • NO PREP Print and Use story problems worksheets
  • Full Page and Single page Answer Key

Decomposing Numbers Performance Task

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