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xplore the counting on strategy for addition with this hands-on roll, pick, and count or spin, pick, and count math center activity! With two options for play, you can easily choose the version that works best for your classroom, or use both in different centers!

This counting on strategy game comes with dice and spinner versions, to give you the flexibility to use the version that works best for students! It also comes with recording sheets with and without numeral tracks to give all of your learners the support they need.


What’s Included?

  • Dice Recording Sheet
  • Spinner Recording Sheet
  • 1-8 Spinners
  • Versions with and without and number track for extra support
  • Coded cards so they won't get mixed up

How to Play

  • Spin the spinner or roll the dice and write the number on the recording sheet.
  • Pick a card and count on.
  • Write the total of the two numbers on the recording sheet.

This game is easy to play and helps support your students use the counting on strategy because of the “pick” step of this game. Your students will have to start counting from their first number, and count on to find the total.


Ideas for use

✅ Math Centers

✅ Review

✅ Intervention

✅ Extra Practice

Counting On Strategy and Addition Math Center: Roll or Spin and Count On

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