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All of your students can have fun practicing addition and counting on with this hands-on spinner math center game How Many Candies! This counting-on game comes with two different versions if students are still working with manipulatives to meet the needs of everyone in your classroom!


In this game, students will spin the hand spinner to get their starting number, and then the candy spinner to see how many more to add to their original number and they can write both numbers and their equation on the recording sheet on the play mat. If your students are still working up to counting on, there is a version with space for them to use counters!

This game is easy to play and helps support your students' use the counting on strategy because the number they are starting with is labeled but not shown. Your students will have to start counting from the first number and count on to find the total!


What’s included in this addition game?

  • How Many Candies Math with space for counting
  • How Many Candies Math with space for writing equations
  • Recording sheets for both versions
  • Black and White and Color version of all pages

What skills will be addressed in this counting-on game?


✅Counting on strategy

✅Number Writing

✅Writing Equations


How to Play

  • Spin Hand Spinner (use counters if needed)
  • Spin Candy Spinner (count on/add on)
  • Count on from the larger number
  • Record the total
  • Write the equation if you're using that version


Ideas for use

✅ Math Centers

✅ Review

✅ Intervention

✅ Extra Practice


Counting On Strategy and Addition Math Center: How Many Candies?

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