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Challenge & excite your students with this counting-on strategy math center, Hide and Count On! In this fast-paced game, your students will practice subitizing and the counting on strategy by rolling and hiding dice, and either reach the finish line with the board game version or fill the board with the print-and-play version of the game 3 three different levels! 


In this game, the first player rolls two dice, waits three seconds for their partner to see the dice, and then covers one of them. The other player has to figure out the sum. Since one of the dice is hidden they will be using the counting-on strategy and their knowledge of number pairs to find the answer


Both players will double-check the answer and if they are correct, they will either color in on space or move one space on the gameboard. An optional recording sheet is included so they can practice number writing as well!

In the print and play version, students are trying to get the most answers right so they have more spaces colored in than their partner. In the gameboard version, students are hoping to be the first to reach the finish line!


What’s Included?

  • Color Board Game Version
  • Black and White Board Game Version
  • Print and Play, Fill the Board Version with 16, 25, or 36 spaces 
  • Optional Recording Sheets


What skills will be addressed in this counting-on game?

✅ Counting

✅ Counting on strategy

✅ Number Writing

✅ Partner Work

✅ Good Sportsmanship


How to Play

  • Player 1 Rolls 2 dice, wait 3 seconds, and covers one
  • Player 2 Counts the pips on the hidden die plus the visible die
  • Both players double check and if Player 2 counted correctly, they move their piece one spot
  • Players switch jobs until someone reaches the finish line
  • For the Print and Play Version, if the player is correct they color in the board with their color


This game is easy to play and helps support your students' use the counting on strategy because one of the dice is hidden, students have to count on since they can't see it! Your students will have to start counting from the first number and count on to find the total!


Ideas for use

✅ Math Centers

✅ Review

✅ Intervention

✅ Extra Practice

Counting On Strategy and Addition Math Center: Hide and Count On!

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