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Get your students to develop one-to-one correspondence like pros with these counting matching cards! Before students can learn to count, they need to develop skills like one-to-one correspondence and cardinality to become counters who can use those skills as a foundation for addition and subtraction as they continue their math journey!


These cards contain some of the most common dot patterns students will see in dice, 10 frames, and domino patterns. This will enable your students to work on one-to-one matching, familiarize themselves with dot patterns, and develop their number sense and counting skills.

It’s easy to make these cards feel new again by switching out the manipulatives!


What’s included in this counting card set?

  • 1-6 dice images
  • 1-10 10 Frame Images
  • 1-12 single-side domino dot images


How to use

  • Print, laminate, and cut
  • Have students match any manipulatives you already have to the dot images


Ideas for use

✅Math center or station

✅Morning Work

✅Review and extra practice


✅Subitizing Flash Cards

Counting Matching Cards for One-to-One Correspondence and Emergent Counters

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