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Have you been having trouble figuring out how to teach composing and decomposing numbers to 10 to your kindergarten or first grade students? This decomposing numbers unit plan will support you in teaching the concept of decomposing numbers 3-10 step by step! With 2 weeks of student facing teaching slides the only thing you need to prepare the number bond, part-part-whole and 10 frame mats for students to use, the lessons themselves are no prep and ready to use!


If you would like to see a lesson in action check out this video for a Sample Lesson or how this lesson begins in this Introduction Lesson Blog Post


What's Included?

1 PDF with:

  • Number Bond, Part-Part Whole, and 10 Frame Math Mats
  • Decomposing 5 and 10 Performance Tasks
  • How Many More to 5 Math Center
  • Decomposing 5 Ice Cream Math Craft
  • Link to Hyperlinked Google Doc with Unit Overview and Lesson notes
  • Lesson Notes include materials needed for the lesson, and copies that need to be made or materials to gather and teaching notes
  • Link to 2 weeks of Ready to Use Google Slides Lessons


The Student Facing Lessons Include:

  • Warm Up- Either Bunny Ears or Quick Images
  • Main Lessons- Using a Number Bond Mat, or Part Part Whole Mat
  • Moveable pieces and animations if you choose to use them
  • Suggested Math Centers to work on number pairs for numbers 3-10
  • Space for a Digital Math Center Chart

Composing and Decomposing | 2 Week Unit Plan

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