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Try a Building Thinking Classrooms Task!

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

I am so convinced that you will love BTC, I want you to try a task for yourself with your students! You can read all about my one-year results here!

If you’d like a walkthrough step by step of how to start check out the START HERE blog post!

Are you back? Great!

This task had everything you need including thin-slicing suggestions, checking your understanding sheets, fun Google slides, a story, and video directions, and a model lesson!

Get it for FREE here!

This is what you can expect to see inside the PDF:

Building Thinking Classrooms Cheat Sheet & Helpful Links

This sheet is your go-to for some common BTC terms and what they mean as well as some links to find other tasks or a community of teachers trying BTC too! The link to the slides is on the first, second, and third pages!

Task Directions and Thin Slicing Ideas

This page includes what you will need, how to present the task and some pictures of student work

3 Levels of Check Your Understanding Recording Sheets

Check your understanding should be choice driven, so let your students choose the level they would like to work on mild, medium, or spicy!

Color-Coded Partner Task Cards

These cards are for groups of 2 or 3, if they get the same color object, they are in the same group! You can also randomize digitally using a tool like a classroom screen, but just starting out, my students preferred to pick their own cards. (If you just want the cards, get them here!)

This is what I go over in the video!

In the video, I show you how I presented this Building Thinking Classrooms task to my students and tips to personalize this task by adding your own Bitmoji!

Get it here and let me know how your students like it!

If you'd like more task ideas, read about some tasks I used at the beginning of the year in this Building Thinking Classrooms Task post!

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