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Array Multiplication Centers Hands-On and Easy to Prep!

Updated: 7 days ago

Arrays are a great way to help students represent multiplication.  They are any arrangement of items in equal groups of rows and columns such as a rectangle of square tiles, blocks, or circular counters. These math centers are hands-on and perfect for students learning to use arrays! 

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Array Building Thinking Classrooms Task

In this Array Building Thinking Classrooms Task, your students need to figure out how many batches of cookies they need to bake for the Bake Sale. This is a multiplication with unknown factors problem your students can really get into. This resource includes thin-slicing, mild, medium, and spicy check-your-understanding questions, full directions, colorful slides to launch the task, and 3 versions of meaningful notes for the consolidation portion of the problem-solving session.

Graphic of a bake sale that says building thinking classrooms arrays and unknown factors with check your understanding and notes for powerpoint and google slides

Roll an Array Treasure Hunt 3 Ways!

In this Roll and Array game, students roll two dice to get the dimensions of their array. They then draw an array on the play mat. There is also an optional recording sheet so students can practice writing equations and keep track of how many gems they collected or lost! This multiplication center game can be enjoyed print and play style or laminated and reused!

This game has 3 versions!

  • Roll an Array: Collect the Coins Treasure Hunt

  • Roll an Array: Collect the Treasure Hunt

  • Roll an Array: Avoid the Traps!

Graphic that says Roll and Array Treasure hunt 3 games in 1 drawing and writing 2 equations with images of print and play array multiplication game boards

In the Collect the Coins version each coin is worth the same amount of points so students will try to draw their array over the most coins per turn. In the Collect the Treasure version, there are 3 types of treasure each worth a different amount, so students can strategically draw their arrays over the items worth the most. Instead of trying to collect treasure in the other versions, in this one, students try to avoid their array covering certain areas of the board. In the Avoid the Traps version, each student has the same number of pieces to start with, each time their array covers an “x” they lose a piece. The first player to lose all their pieces loses the game!

Spin, Multiply, and Find the Expression

This Spin, Multiply and Find the Expression center can be laminated and saved or used as a print and play center. Your students will spin the spinner and cover or color in the matching expression. This center helps students understand the comutative property of multiplication and that each array can have two expressions that represent it. 

Image of a print and play array math multiplication center that says spin, multiply, and find the array commutative property of multiplication

Array Pick, Build, and Cover

In Array Pick, Build, and Cover, students pick an expression card, represent it with counters on the work mat, and then cover the product of the expression. They keep going until the mat is full. There are mats for numbers 2- 10!

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Image of array multiplication game board that says array multiplication pick build and cover multiplication facts 2-10 with an expression card and an array built with manipulatives

Bonus Empty the Board Multiplication Facts 

In Empty the Board Multiplication Facts, your students set up the game by putting a counter or cube in each square. Your students roll a die and multiply the number they rolled by the target number on the mat. They remove one cube in the column with the product. If using two dice, then students add the two numbers rolled, then multiply by the target number. This game will support students in learning math facts to 12 and there is also an optional recording sheet included!  You can use this game as a print-and-play game and have students color in the number they rolled.

Image of a print and play game called empty the board multiplication facts

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