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Hello! I'm Lara and I am so glad you are here! I am passionate about making number sense fun for kids to learn (and for us to teach)! I would love to support you in becoming a fantastic math teacher with engaging math resources! I'll send you, ideas, tips, tricks, freebies, and stories of my adventures in the classroom and I'd love to hear about yours! Click 📧 HERE for your first freebie Quick Images!


You're in the right place if:

⭐️ You want your students to enjoy math.
⭐️ You want support in developing early childhood number sense with your students.
⭐️ You want resources that are both mathematically sound and engaging and fun!
⭐️ You want low to no prep resources.
⭐️ You want math centers that last your kids the entire station time (no one-and-done worksheets here!)
⭐️ You want resources that can be used again and again!
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