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Are you ready to try a Building Thinking Classrooms math task for yourself? This freebie has everything you need to get started on a BTC-style task! In this resource, you'll get a Building Thinking Classrooms cheat sheet, written task directions, examples of student work, thin-slicing ideas,  three levels of Check Your Understanding questions, color-coded Random Partner cards, and a video breakdown of what's included, how to use the task, and a model lesson using the accompanying Google Slides!


Let's get started!


In it I’ve included: 

  • One task in a Google Slides Version

  • Task directions

  • Thin slicing for the problem

  • Check your understanding  mild, medium, and spicy recording sheets

  • BTC terms cheat sheet, 

  • Helpful links sheet

  • A video of me walking you through how I presented the task

  • Images of student work

  • BTC Random Partner Color Cards for 2 partners and 3 partners 

  • Hyperlinked Table of Contents


If you have any questions or want let me know how it goes, feel free to send me a DM on Instagram!

Building Thinking Classrooms Escaping Ants Free Math Task

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