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100 Chart Building Thinking Classroom Task

Oh no! The 100 Chart Thieves are at it again! They have stolen numbers off the 100s Chart! Your students are tasked with figuring out which numbers have been taken and getting them back!

The 100’s chart is an amazing tool for learning the number patterns in our number system, but it can be difficult to have kids think critically about it since seeing 100 numbers at once can be overwhelming.

Each task in the series has your students looking at a different pattern in the 100’s chart and you can see if you can catch all of the 100’s Chart Thieves. You can try a 100 Chart Task for free before getting the rest!

The task starts by setting the scene and posing the problem, giving students the idea that the thief takes the numbers in a similar pattern every time! This task is already thin sliced so once they figure out the first set of numbers, they get a printable with the next set to figure out.

Graphic that says "100 Chart thief can you get the numbers back?" with an image of a building thinking classroom math task with a fox as a thief and a 100 chart covered in coins

This task includes mild, medium, and spicy check your understanding opportunities, so they can see if they are seeing the pattern and can figure out the missing numbers to 100.

Beyond finding missing numbers, your students will practice number writing to 100, problem-solving, critical thinking, and social skills.

This task is no-prep and powerful! Just print the recording sheets and launch the task! A perfect time-saving math activity when you are short on planning time or energy, but want your students to engage in a rich, low floor high ceiling math task!

What’s included?

  • Google Slides and Powerpoint Task Launch and Partner Expectations slides

  • A PDF with

    • Step-by-step Task Directions

    • Recording Sheets

    • Thin Slicing 100 Chart Pattern Prompts

    • Mild, Medium, and Spicy Check Your Understanding Sheets

    • Early finishers practice page

    • 100 Chart

    • Answer Keys

    • Table of Contents

    • Building Thinking Classrooms Terms Cheatsheet and additional resources

You can keep the adventure going and save on the 100 Chart Thief Tasks bundle. Each one has a different number pattern for your students to figure out!

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